The Cadillac Of The Cigar World
There are two kinds of cigars; those enjoyed by presidents, and those enjoyed by the rest. Cohiba cigars definitely fall into the first category, as they were reserved exclusively for the members of the political elite and high-level officials within the Cuban Government since the brand’s establishment in 1966. The fact that the ban on commercial production was lifted as late as 1982 speaks for itself. Accompanied by premium whiskeys and given to foreign representatives as diplomatic gifts “behind closed doors”, the cult cigar brand was created by the elite for the elite.

Even though there are two distinct brands of Cohiba cigars marketed and sold under the same name (the American brand produced by the ‘General Cigar Company’ and the Cuban brand produced in Cuba), the original Cohibas are produced and marketed by the ‘Habanos S.A’ of Cuba. The premium tobacco used to fill and wrap these cigars comes directly from the Cuban region of Vuelta Abajo. However, only 10 hand picked fields across the entire region are considered good enough to meet the quality requirements and supply the Habanos S.A with premium tobacco.